Poppy Necklace

SKU: N4024

€24.952,95 EUR

For those special occasions that demand grandeur, this necklace will never disappoint. This elegant Poppy necklace is crafted from 18k yellow gold and features vine-like strands of gold that rest around the neck and lead into three Poppy buds with pods made from platinum and sparkling diamonds, and one fully blossomed Poppy flower in the centre displaying a dazzling diamond set in 24k yellow gold. Created expressly for a prominently renowned Canadian collection, this one of a kind necklace is a rare and valuable piece for a connoisseur’s collection. Worn in conjunction with the Poppy Bud earrings and Poppy Flowers bracelet, the ensemble will definitely make you the highlight of the night.

18k yellow gold - 24k yellow gold - Platinum  

Length: 14"

Material: Yellow Gold

Stone: Diamonds

Weight: Centre Diamond - 0.40 carats
Diamonds (in the 3 buds) - 2.05 carats

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