Baroque Pearl Coil Necklace

SKU: N4005

€23.500,95 EUR

Serenity and sophistication….the calming visceral sensation evoked from this stunning creation is boundless. From the double strand of baroque South Sea pearls cascading down around your neck, to the eye-catching 18k white gold centre piece inlaid with “ice” blue treated diamonds and a knot of Gloria’s signature coil work, ending up at a silvery blue baroque drop pearl wrapped in a thin white gold band with shimmering diamonds, this artistic masterpiece is breathtakingly cool.

18k white gold

Length: 18”

Material: White Gold

Stone: Pearl - Diamond

Weight: White Diamonds - 1.74 carats
Ice Blue Treated Diamonds - 0.55 carats
Baroque Silver-Blue South Sea Pearls - 11 x 9mm
Silvery-Blue Baroque Drop Pearl - 20 x 30mm

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