Diamond and Multicolour Sapphire Tassel Earrings

SKU: E5020

$16,250.00 CAD

The fabulous earth tones of these 18k yellow gold earrings lend themselves to various looks and combinations that may strike your fancy. The reddish-brown, light yellow, and off-white sapphires, along with the multi-coloured sapphire beads that cascade down from a diamond encrusted golden dome create a virtual beaded veil of colours and richness that will lend itself to any occasion that requires refinement and sophistication.

18k yellow gold

Material: Yellow Gold

Stone: Sapphire - Diamond

Weight: Sapphires - 5.87 carats
Brilliant Diamonds - 1.09 carats
Sapphire Beads - 4mm - 65 carats

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