White Topaz Spirit Necklace

SKU: N4055

$17,187.00 USD

Simplicity in style is often overlooked, but this necklace speaks to the “less is more” adage. A simple 18k palladium white gold hand-crafted cylindrical neckpiece with hidden hinges to open the neck, and a pendulum style drop with an exquisite topaz stone at the base, joined together by a flash of polished white gold with diamonds makes this necklace a cool, clean, and ultra modern piece that exudes finesse. This necklace is also designed with the option to remove the pendulum drop for an even simpler look.

18k palladium white gold

Length: 14.25”

Material: White Gold

Stone: Topaz - Diamond

Weight: Diamonds - 0.13 carats
White Topaz - 52.77 carats

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