Tourmaline and Demantoid Earrings

SKU: E5176

$16,760.00 USD

When looking at these earrings, it is hard to say what captures your attention first  - the sparkling Demantoid stones set in an 18k yellow gold trapezoidal post, the scissors cut richly green Tourmaline, or the trio of Demantoid stones that support the Tourmalines both above and below the stone. Whichever you choose, or whether it encompasses you as a whole, these earrings are a visual treat that will accompany you for any event and make YOU the source that captures people's attention.

18k yellow gold

Material: Yellow Gold

Stone: Tourmaline - Demantoid

Weight: Tourmalines - 7.04 carats
Demantoid Garnets - 1.29 carats

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