Ruby Fringe Necklace

SKU: N4038

$59,490.00 USD

While wearing this ruby fringe necklace, you will definitely be part of the fringe - the elite! This meticulously crafted, one of a kind creation is a sight to behold - each ruby bead fringe is strung on a strand of 18k yellow gold and contains one pearl set at varying heights to create a wave of white throughout the sea of red. Each fringe is then lovingly fastened to the necklace with Gloria’s signature coil in 22k yellow gold to create an offsetting pattern of red and gold that circles at the neck for a regal look. For added depth and perspective, the ruby fringe strands are double layered and overlapping for a fuller effect. The toggle clasp is fastened from 22k yellow gold and features a rod, containing 2 ruby cabochons, and hoop wound in Gloria’s signature coil to bring this spectacular necklace full circle.

18k yellow gold - 22k yellow gold

Length: 17”

Material: Yellow Gold

Stone: Ruby - Pearl

Weight: Ruby Beads - 4.5-9mm - 930 carats
Pearls - 6.5-7mm
Ruby Cabochons - 0.88 carats

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