Reticulated Cuff with Amber

SKU: BR3032

$16,839.00 USD

Made for the naturist at heart, this 18k yellow gold reticulated wide band features a huge natural amber stone encapsulating a moment frozen in time - all the tiny natural elements of the environment are captured and on display for your viewing enjoyment. Punctuated by three rubies to add an additional “wow” factor to this one of a kind creation, this bracelet is a rarity that can never be reproduced, since the very element that binds this piece is its own unique one of a kind piece of history.

18k yellow gold

Length: 6”

Width: 1.75"

Material: Yellow Gold

Stone: Amber - Ruby

Weight: Rubies - 3.5mm - 0.77 carats
Amber - 42 x 47mm - 81.62 carats

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