Jade, Tourmaline, Diamond and Chrysoprase Necklace

SKU: N4063

$8,976.00 USD

This storied necklace is a one of a kind masterpiece. The hand carved, two-sided central jade motif, is housed on a diamond accented swivel setting to allow for varying looks. The rare multi-coloured tourmaline beads that fan out at the base are hand selected to blend with the jade pattern as the definitive finishing touch. This multi-elemental piece brings history and art to life.

18k yellow gold

Length: 18.75”

Material: Yellow Gold

Stone: Jade - Chrysoprase - Tourmaline - Diamonds - Garnet

Weight: Carved Jade - 28 x 42mm
Brown Diamonds - 0.46 carats
Demantoid Garnets - 0.26 carats

Resizable: Yes

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