Chalcedony Tower Ring

SKU: R7101

$5,399.00 USD
The industrial look and feel of this unique 18k yellow gold ring is what makes it stand apart. Built on a vertical concept, this "tower" structure is reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower and the crisscrossing steel girders that support the landmark. The crowning jewel of this ring is the light blue chalcedony stone that rotates in its setting, adding to the mechanical appeal of the ring. The richly blue sapphires that adorn either side of the chalcedony, and the tiny sparkling diamonds that run down both side of the tower, all contribute to the shiny brilliance of this one-of-a-kind creation.

18k yellow gold

Material: Yellow Gold

Stone: Chalcedony - Sapphire - Diamond

Weight: Diamonds (14) - 0.33 carats
Blue Sapphire Cabochons (2) - 0.46 carats
Chalcedony Bead - 25.6 carats

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