Opal Rainbow Ring

SKU: R7069

€9.962,95 EUR

The longer you stare at the opal rainbow stone adorning this artistic creation, the further you will be drawn into the dazzling other-worldly colours, all framed by micro diamonds, emeralds, tsavorites, and sapphires of the same hues in a thin 18k yellow gold swirling band.

18k yellow gold

Material: Yellow Gold

Stone: Opal - Emerald - Sapphire - Diamonds

Weight: Ethiopian Opal - 20.98 carats
Diamonds - 0.16 carats
Tsavorites - 0.05 carats
Emeralds - 0.03 carats
Blue Sapphires - 0.10 carats
Orange Sapphires - 0.50 carats
Yellow Sapphires - 0.43 carats
Pink Sapphires - 0.42 carats

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